Sol is a distributor!

Sol is a Distributor

Sol is a distributor of premium quality specialty frozen drink mixes.  In addition we have the best soft serve frozen yogurt & gelato flavors on the planet!

Premium Frappe Mixes

Our premium frappe mixes are made with ribbons of decadent flavors and savory coffee blends that create a delicious escape. Sol frozen coffee drinks are sure to tantalize the senses.

In the mood for Chai

When your customers are in the mood for chai, we offer an aromatic blend of black teas and exotic spices.  Our top quality chai rivals the finest teas in the nicest palaces.

Something Fruity!

Want to add something fruity to your menu board… How about A Tropical escape in a cup with all the flavor and no hassle! How about cream flavors that bring your customers back to fun filled child hood memories?
For those with adventurous taste buds… We offer sweet tart flavors that are simply delicious!

 It’s not rocket science, unless its Spaceman!

Sol Frozen Yogurt brand has teamed up with Spaceman USA, to provide our clients who want to have highest quality soft serve ice cream and frozen beverage machines with second to none customer experience. Want to open a Frozen yogurt or drink store in Central America contact us.
it’s not rocket science, unless its Spaceman!

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High rez 6265

High rez 6235,6245

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High rez 6250,6248,6368

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More info

For more information on our products please contact Melania DaSilva-Deaver at: [email protected]
Phone: 011.506.8443.9977